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The Problem

What Drives Us

An average of 1 in 59 children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the US and abroad – and this number is not going down. While there are many organizations dedicated to research and the understanding of autism, we are still left with thousands of families and children who need help now.

The Custom Education Foundation is dedicated to getting those families the help they need today- whether it’s help affording the proper school or services, connecting them with organizations that can help them, or simply providing a guiding light to the many families left in the dark. As long as there are children and families in need, we will always have more work to do.

Our Mission

Creating a Path for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

There is no force in the universe greater than the will to do good – the will to help those in need. We strongly believe that there is no reason that any child should be left in the dark. We don’t believe there should be any families that need to struggle just to provide their children and loved ones with a chance at a promising future.

As our Chief Motivational Officer puts it: “As soon as we observe a problem, we have an immediate obligation to help.” While we may sometimes feel powerless as individuals against such great problems, we have the power to change the lives of individuals all over the world when we work together. There is no problem too great or issue too complex for the combined power of people with the desire to make a difference.

The Plan

How to Change the World

As individuals we are special, but together we are unstoppable. Raising the funds to help change the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. Whether it’s helping families in need afford services or helping a service provider connect with families, we aim to be the catalyst that helps children reach their highest potential.

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Helping to build a world where individuals on the autism spectrum are empowered to thrive. Whether it’s building one of the largest sensory-friendly events in the country (such as our Autism Day at Six Flags) or assisting companies in making their events and locations sensory-friendly, we want to help build the future that our children deserve. Our custom events help provide individuals on the autism spectrum with traditional experiences, free from worry or limitation.

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No one should ever have to struggle alone. No parent should ever feel powerless to help their own children. While insurance coverage and service offerings for individuals on the autism spectrum are steadily growing, parents are still left in a haze trying to figure out a very complex system. Backed by over 25 years of experience in autism services, we have the tools and the knowledge to guide families through what would be an otherwise exhausting and confusing process.

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As autism diagnosis’ become more common, the availability of autism-specific educational institutions and professionals are rising. Unfortunately, the complex nature of ASD and the individual needs of each child diagnosed has left many schools struggling to adapt. Due to the sheer number of students and the individualized attention necessary for their success, many students in these schools end up falling through the cracks. We aim to help connect families with the growing number of institutions dedicated specifically to autism education in order to provide families with the one thing we all should be guaranteed – access to an appropriate education.

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What People are Saying

“Thank you so much for an incredible day! No lines=no meltdowns and that in itself was awesome! All the staff was super and supportive. Living in a world full of rejection and often disappointment, it was great to have a judgement free fun day <3 Thank you!”


Autism Day Event Attendee

“Nearly 5,000 people attended yesterday’s Autism Day. ‘It’s such a gift,’ said one parent. ‘We parents can walk in with our children and not look behind our backs and not think twice. We’re just there like anybody else and it’s a wonderful feeling.'”

Svetlana S.

Staff Writer, North Jersey News

“Tears of joy streaming down my face… just knowing that people care enough to do this for my son to have a ‘normal’ day at an amusement park. I am so thankful to the creators and sponsors of this project.

Nicole M

Facebook Commenter

Million US Citizens with ASD

Billion Average cost for US Citizens

Per year age out of autism services

Million Average Cost over Individual Lifetime

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