Custom Ed Consortium

A Community of Resources for Schools that Support Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Custom Ed Consortium is the unification of private school owners for children on the Autism Spectrum in order to establish a network of resources and connections throughout the United States and internationally.  The consortium was created to share information, best business practices, new ideas, and successes for children with ASD.  We are in unprecedented times, now more than ever we need to come together to support the children and the families we serve to ensure they are not left behind!

How it works

How it Works


Assisting Families

Members will create a library of resources to assist parents in knowing where to turn when they suspect their child may have Autism through vocational opportunities for adults.

COVID-19 Support

This is an unprecedented time for all of us! We are creating this consortium now to help support each other through this pandemic where we are all learning to navigate new water while continuing to support our students and their families. Our mission: make sure no child is left behind!

Hosting Events

Each year to recognize Autism awareness, Custom Ed Foundation hosts large scale events for the Autism Community. The consortium will have the opportunity to sponsor events and host them in their communities with the support of the Custom Ed Foundation.

Promoting Schools and Programs

As a consortium member, you can choose to have your school listed as a member and reach families and students across the country. 


Authoring Resources

Consortium members can write articles, resources, and studies in their field and share it with the world.

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How it works

The Plan

The Custom Ed Consortium is currently being built. Joining now means you get to be a ‘contributor’, helping to craft the direction and final form.
Here’s what we’re doing now to get started.

Phase 1

Open early membership to ‘contributors’. Begin to communicate and share ideas.


Phase 2

Launch of a website complete with forums, members content, public blog content, and more.


Phase 4

Consortium Membership is expanded across the country. Families and parents may now view content created by consortium members.


Phase 3

Consortium ‘board’ is voted on and begins their respective duties.

Phase 5

Live Streams hosted by Consortium members for the general public begin.


Phase 6

Live Events hosted by Custom Ed and Consortium Members hosted across the country.

Join the consortium today

Early Registration for the Consortium is open now. Members who sign on during this phase will be able to contribute to the overall direction and vision of the consortium as it is built.

Who We Are

Our Values

Our Vision

By sharing resources and knowledge with like-minded organizations, we envision a community of collaborative and innovative philosophies, methods, and practices that bestows on all students on the spectrum the power to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission with this consortium is to further our foundation’s mission of creating a world where individuals on the spectrum are given love, respect and dignity by uniting and collaborating with schools that focus their efforts on students on the spectrum.

Our Purpose

By bringing together schools that focus their efforts on students of the spectrum, we aim to share the resources we have found, the decades of experience we have, and the methodologies we have developed to the autism community at large.


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Community is Strength